A4 printed and inserted into a Folder – BLACK PRINT- 100GSM

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First select your page count –For a 10 page PDF/Word document  NUMBER OF PAGES = “between 1 and 10 pages”.

*Choose your number of pages first


  • Choose your page size

    *Choose folder colour

    *Choose your first page preference

    *Choose remaining pages

    Please note for page counts over 350 or more will be automatically processed double sided.

    • (max file size 256 MB)
  • Turn around time

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    • (max file size 256 MB)
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Printed and hole punched to fit into a folder of your choice to give you an expert look for presentations, reports, manuals etc. You can upload your file, choose your options and we will print hole punch and insert the pages into a folder then delivery to you or you can pick up your booklet.

A 10 page PDF/Word document select  number of page = “between 1 and 10 pages” .

A 223 page PDF/Word document select  number of page = “between 221 and 240 pages”.

If you have 1 page that you want repeated into a 100 page document, upload your page and select “Between 91 & 100 pages”.


If you have you a 5 page document and you want 20 copies throughout the book select “Between 91 & 100 pages”

For more than 1 copy add to cart the number of copies you need. Please note that all documents are printed fit to page with no bleed.


Paper used is optimised for colour printing to deliver the best results. Its whiteness optimises colour and black only print reproduction and its delicate, silky finish assures sharper and brighter printing of all images.

  • This product is FSC certified, so you can be sure your purchase supports healthy forests and protects wildlife.
  • This paper is acid-free, so your documents won’t fade over time.
  • By purchasing this product, you are contributing to the Restoring Australia initiative in which 2 trees are planted for every 1 used, based on the weight of paper-based products.


  • The J.Burrows A4 2 Ring Insert Lever Arch File is a great option for storing your documents, reports and files. The file features an insert cover and spine which allows you to create your own title pages or spine labels so that it is easily recognisable. It also feature internal pockets so that you can carry and store loose and unpunched documents with you on the go.
  • J.Burrows A4 2 Ring Gloss Lever Arch Files are perfect for filing your important documents, loose papers and more. They can be used with sheet protectors and divider tabs so you can separate and organise your documents.

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Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 33 × 23 × 24 cm